When Lauren Peacock was twenty-three years old, she got her fairy-tale wedding. But she soon discovered that a dream wedding doesn’t guarantee a dream marriage. Divorced at twenty-seven, Lauren did a figurative face-plant onto the floor of the dating scene and had to learn some awkward lessons, like how it’s not socially acceptable to push a crush into the dirt after the age of seven.


A mix of self-deprecating humor and fearless vulnerability, Lauren’s collection of hilarious anecdotes will win over readers prone to pairing rosé with mac and cheese and waxing nostalgic over nineties-era pop culture references. With unapologetic honesty, she reveals even the least-flattering details of her dating life, which are so relatable they’ll make readers either cringe or laugh out loud.


After dusting herself off, Lauren describes just how far she’s willing to go—we’re talking all the way across the Atlantic—to find her Prince Charming.

Lauren Peacock has worked as a producer in the entertainment industry for a decade and has collaborated with such clients as Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Lindsey Vonn, and Emmy-winning director Reed Morano. She received a BA in communications–media production from Flagler College in Florida. With a background in theater, she has always gravitated to channels for creating and sharing stories. This is her first book. She currently lives in Los Angeles.


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